It was such a treat to shoot the incredibly beautiful Judith, a hair and make-up artist! “I really am impressed with what you managed to get out of my face with lighting and all your preparations. I am not a photographer but as a hair and make up artist I look at portraits on aContinue reading

Review: Shoot with a Portfolio Career Musician

“I know quite a lot of photographers, but when I saw photos that Anna had taken, I thought that she had managed to capture the real spirit of a person, not just their face. Her images were quite intriguing and interesting – they weren’t just a load of boring headshots. There were some very interestingContinue reading

Honest Pricing

The pricing of any product or service can be a thorny issue. Too cheap and you run the risk of undervaluing the product, and being a busy fool; too high and you may alienate your target audience and restrict your income stream. Photography can be a tricky product to sell because customers are buying aContinue reading

Portrait of Humanity

My image of Lissy will feature in this year’s Portrait of Humanity awards.

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