Top Ten Tips When Having Your Corporate Portrait Taken

17th November 2016

Having your photo taken can actually be a really stressful event. Particularly a corporate portrait, when you have been told by a boss or marketing department that it’s necessary, without it being something you self-elected to do. Don’t worry! Follow these simple top ten tips on how to handle it, and you’ll get the great result you want.

1) Try to avoid busy patterns, or loud ties - you want attention to be focussed on your face.

2) Steer clear of fussy or high necklines - clean lines around the neck will look better.

3) For a headshot, if you’re wearing a suit jacket, try doing up your top button. This won’t be in the photo, but creates nice neat lapel lines. Don’t do this, however, if your jacket is ill-fitting.

4) If you usually wear glasses, consider keeping them on in the photo - after all, you want to look and feel like yourself.

5) Try not to stand with your weight equally distributed - put your weight mostly on one foot or the other. This will give you a flattering shoulder angle and minimise any ‘blockiness’.

6) If you find it hard to relax when having your photograph taken, then it might help to have a think beforehand about what kind of expression you’d like to present yourself with. Consider the ethos of your company brand - what is the right balance of dignity and approachableness? You can even practise in the mirror. This can help you feel more confident about how you’ll come across.

7) Follow the photographer’s directions! They know what they’re doing!

8) Expect the process to take more than a minute - the photographer will want to try out a few poses with you to make sure they capture you at your best.

9) Don’t be afraid to tell the photographer what you don’t usually like in photos of yourself - you can work together to produce an image of yourself that you are proud to present.

10) Finally: try not to be nervous! Trust the photographer and go with the flow - the more you relax into it, the better your shot will be! You might even enjoy it! 😃

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