Corporate Portraiture: What Kind of Light?

20th October 2016

Looking to create the best corporate portraiture for your brand? In this article I will consider lighting options in corporate portraiture, and why it’s a good idea to hire a photographer with a studio-lighting skill-set for your corporate imagery.

Natural light is often a portrait artist’s first port-of-call. This has many merits and in the right conditions is second-to-none for creating a soft and flattering portrait. However, whilst this can be a great option for a single portraiture sitting, I would think twice before making this your go-to lighting option for corporate portraits. You must bear in mind that there are many factors not within your control. What if there’s only a south-facing window with direct sunlight in the room you’re allocated? Or even no window at all? Light can be changeable, so if you have several portraits to do, and the sun is coming in and out of cloud, how can you achieve the consistency that is essential for a professional-looking set of corporate portraits? Or what if it’s just an overcast day and there’s not enough light? Or if your shoot is scheduled in the evening or late afternoon in winter?

I always bring my own lighting. This allows me to set up a mini studio in whatever room the client puts me.

Here are my tips:

  • Use a soft flattering modifier, such as a softbox, for your key light.

  • Consider feathering the light for control and softness.

  • Light the background as well for a clean modern look.

  • If you’re feeling adventurous, allow spill from the background to create a highlight on your client’s cheek. However, be warned, this can be unflattering for certain face-types.

As a corporate portrait professional, I make sure to bring my own portable studio lights with me. This means I can craft a set-up that I know will be flattering for my clients, as well as being completely consistent every time. I can be confident knowing that I am in control of the lighting situation, and able to shoot each and every client in – quite literally – the best light possible!

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