Bringing Social Media to Life Through Pictures

12th February 2017

Have you ever felt that sudden irritating itch as soon as social media is mentioned? Have you found yourself suddenly moving sporadically in your chair, shifting nervously and wondering what on earth to write that won’t make you look completely clueless online?

Don’t despair, there are hundreds, thousands if not millions of you out there! Social media can certainly be daunting if you have no idea how to manage, control or handle the channels not to mention trying to maintain them.

As my marketing consultant is constantly sharing with me, increase your online presence and you will instantly expand your audience!

And what better way to engage than through pictures. High resolution photographs of company Directors certainly cement brand identity but pictorial quotes, abstract photos and exceptional photography is guaranteed to get a share, a like and a comment.

Social media statuses don’t need to be dry or consistently industry focused; they can be as creative and innovative as your mind takes you.

As a photographer, I am always blown away by people’s art; by their grasp on their environment, work place or even home settings and it never fails to surprise me of other people’s reactions, awed and embraced by the image.

Instead of feeling daunted by social media, use it as your visual platform to promote, share and evoke inspiration, interest and reaction from audiences or a platform to share your passion about your work/brand/interests.

And don’t forget, it is the little things which make the biggest inspiration – start small and like your online presence, ideas will soon evolve with you!

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